Private Equity Manager Understands The Benefits Of A CFO

Mar 27, 2021

I was speaking to a Manager of a Private Equity firm last week. He previously worked for a larger fund but is now working for one that invests in smaller businesses. He said that one of the first things his previous fund did was to place a high level CFO into new investee companies as they understood that a CFO’s focus on the future (forecasts), information based decision making and strategy provided significant value to the business.

He found me via my membership of the Association of Virtual CFO’s. He was largely unaware of the emerging Virtual or part-time CFO sector until he came across the Association. He wishes to obtain the same benefits for investments in smaller companies but understands that most of them cannot justify employing the required calibre of CFO on a full-time basis. He understands now that these businesses can access this skill set and realise these benefits by engaging a Virtual CFO.